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Hi Mim

I am really impressed with the quality of this training course. Had some insight to some other courses from other organisations from a few people I know from the gym doing something similar and their training material is a little rubbish! So I have spread the word about your organisation being the one to use.

Anglea Abbott, Online Academy Learner

Hi Martin,

Thanks for such a fantastic time on the course. I really loved it although have been shattered today and can't even think about what I've learnt!    I really felt the 4 days were brilliant and the final day was my favourite - the glue that starts sticking it all together.

I read this quote yesterday and thought it was appropriate:

'An hour spent across the table from a wise teacher is worth a lifetime spent with books' - Anonymous

Mandy, Biomechanics Coach - Channel Islands

“A really great course, the collection of the three have expanded my knowledge and provided numerous considerations when coaching clients. I would be really interested in progressions in the course”.

Rob Numan, Personal Trainer

Hi Rach

What a fantastic few days, I had an absolutely great time, thank you so much! Cannot wait to get started practcing now and onto module 2. Many courses have great content and provide great tools, but what use are tools without knowing how to properly use them? What impressed so much with ITS was the level of content and more importantly how accessible and applicable the sytematic approach makes it.

Chris Peil, Lifetime Assessor - Biomechanics Coach

“Of the many courses I have attended this has been the most productive and enjoyable. I wish more of the courses I have attended were like this”.

Gregory Copp, PGA Golf Teaching Professional