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About The Body Mechanic 

Anthony Fletcher is a hands on therapist, functional exercise specialist and established lecturer for the Jaguar Sports Academy, International Fitness Showcase, Kelly Holmes Education and Southampton Solent University.

The Body Mechanic is exactly what it says, at our Harley Street clinic we provide a means to assess your current state of function. Looking at your Intrinsic Biomechanics we can assess such things as potential risk of injury, performance limiters such as which muscles are not working properly and which ones are working too hard. We can also look at your training program and see where you could be causing more problems than doing good.

Consultancy - We provide an Occupational Health consultancy on problems such as back pain at work, work space design and activity planning for employees.

Design - Innovation is in our blood, we have been asked to work on a number of new concepts for projects like strength equipment, fitness classes, Gym layouts and Gym educational pathways. 

Education - Education is the key to progress, and progress is the key to education. We lecture all over the country on subjects such as Strength and Conditioning, Running, cycling, rehab and prehab. We also have a number of courses that we run periodically for anyone who works with people in a fitness, medical, sporting setting.  

Our mission statement:

"To provide our clients with the knowledge to help them selves move freely and reduce the risk of injury and be absent of pain. To supply a pathway to further education enabling our qualified Biomechanics Trainers™ to become highly skilled and sort after professionals".

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